Women on Weights

Women on Weights (W.O.W.)

W.O.W. is a four-week program that provides women with hands-on instruction on how to Weightsuse weight equipment as well as education on training schedule, muscle groups, repetitions, form technique, breathing and focus. Each week participants will learn about specific muscle groups and how to work them. They will also be given a nutrition challenge. Each exercise session will begin with a brief discussion regarding the workout from the prior week as well as a talk about the current weeks assignments. By the end of the four weeks, women will have the knowledge and empowerment to write their own workouts and perform them with perfect form and technique.

Week 1: Abdominals
Week 2: Back/Chest
Week 3: Arms/Shoulders
Week 4: Legs

Begins Thursday January 7th at 6:15 pm
Fees: YMCA Members $16
Program Participants $24

Maximum of 10 participants